Kerry Blue Terrier – Disease Predisposition

Kerry Blue Terrier


Cardiovascular conditions

Patent ductus arteriosus
  • Common congenital abnormality

Dermatological conditions

Footpad hyperkeratosis
Dermoid cyst
Scrotal vascular naevus

Haematological conditions

Factor XI deficiency
  1. Inherited as an autosomal dominant trait

Neoplastic conditions

Basal cell tumour
  • Reported to be at increased risk
Cutaneous papillomas

Neurological conditions

Cerebellar degeneration
  • Autosomal recessive inheritance

Ocular conditions

Entropion (usually lower lids)
  • Breed predisposition, polygenic inheritance likely
  • Cataract
  • Inheritance suspected
Optic nerve hypoplasia

Reproductive conditions

XX sex reversal
  • Congenital condition reported in this breed

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