Border Collie – Disease Predispositions

Border Collie


  • Canine cyclic neutropaenia Associated with grey Collies
  • Shoulder osteochondrosis
  • Congenital deafness
  • Cerebellar degeneration
  • Lysosomal storage disease – ceroid lipofuscinosis
  • Nodular episclerokeratitis
  • Chronic superficial keratitis (pannus)
  • Primary lens luxation
  • Cataract
  • Collie eye anomaly
  • Generalised progressive retinal atrophy (GPRA)
  • Central progressive retinal atrophy (CPRA) or retinal pigment epithelial dystrophy (RPED) – This disease is more prevalent in the UK than in the USA. It has become less prevalent following the introduction of control schemes)
  • Multiple ocular defects – Congenital condition, seen in homozygous merles (the result of merle to merle breeding) with predominantly white coats. Defects may include microphthalmia, micro-cornea, cataract, equatorial staphylomas and coloboma
  • Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis

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